iPad for windows free download

Remember i had given you the trick of having android apps on your pc without android pc and running them on your pc Eg:(talking tom, drag race ,fruit ninja)
if you havent read this article click here to read
( reading above article is not complusary)
 Some crazy developers have build a iPad emulator for Windows. It is as cool as the original iPad, Its just amazing , here below is the download link and screenshot of the main screen of iPadian.

                                          (click on download button to start download)  
i found this software on some website . I thought to share it ..!

here are some screenshots 
have a look @ them 

it has a integareted browser also

apps can be downloaded from the app store in your side bar
it has many inbuilt apps like angrybirds , facebook etc.


animated image of my name

hers the animated .gif image of my names soon im going to post the trick of how to create it

Facebook code trick

Below are Listed Some Of The Codes you may try!

1.Copy any one of the codes.
2.Paste them in your Facebook Status or comments.
3.Then remove the “+” sign then Press Enter.
@+[172417706184835:0]         –   ‎Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge
@+[291116797575161:0]         –   ♥ ♥ FriendS r EvErYtHiNg♥ ♥
@+[125710659238:0]               –   ~♥FRIENDS FOREVER♥~
{@+[130183157042112:0]}     –    {EVER Green Friendship}
@+[145480518867077:0]         –    I Still Love 
@+[117111614980889:page]    –    VERY FUNNY
@+[134282353283788:0]         –    Life is too short smile while you still have teeth
@+[100001006293363:0]         –    techwindow (neel shah)
want a code for your profile ?
…then follow this steps…>>

1.) got to your profile –see the address bar (url bar )in your browser

eg: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=111242528125

and copy paste the code in place of this code  @+[your code here:0] 

What If The Person  has Username?

  1. Go To Friends Profile And Right Click On Report/Block Then Copy Link Address Then Copy Number After cid=12113423423 In Link Address.
  2. Go To Your Profile Right Click On Your Profile Photo then click on copy image url .It will be similar to below url


do not forget to remove  “+” sign while pasting the code as ur status …!

Android Jellybean

So we’ve had a few days to digest Google’s enormous update to Android, with the release of its “Ice Cream Sandwich” Android 4.0 software adding a huge amount of new functionality and visual polish to the mobile OS.
But what about the Android 4.5 or Android 5? Google pumps out Android updates faster than we can scoff double-choc Magnums, and it’s already been reported that work on the next version of Android is under way, with the so-called “Android Jelly Bean ” update next on the radar.
So what would we like to see in Andoid Jelly Bean? Can Android 4.0 be topped, or would we all be better off with HTC Sense, TouchWiz, or surrendering to the weight of public opinion and buying an iPhone 4S?
Here’s what we’d like Google to include in Android Jelly Bean. Hit the comments to share your own Jelly Bean wishlist.

1. Full Chrome browser

The changes made to Android 4.0’s web browser are welcome, bringing in the fancy Android 3.0 tabbed browsing system and support for Chrome’s bookmark sync system. But with phone screens continually ballooning in size, a proper mobile version of Chrome in Android Jelly Bean, complete with bookmarks bar and constantly on-screen tabs, would make sense. Just to make phones and tablets feel more like home.
Android jelly bean browser
POLISHED CHROME: The browser’s nice. But Chrome is nicer. On a 4.65″ screen it’d work just fine, too

2. Landscape Home screen on mobile

Seeing as the Galaxy Nexus has such an enormous screen that’s bordering on tablet size anyway, it’d be nice to be able to flip it into landscape mode and use it like a tablet – especially as Android 4.0 is designed to unify phones and tablets.
Traditionally, Android only lets the Home screen switch into landscape mode when using a QWERTY device, with non-QWERTYs only using landscape for apps, games and web. It’s an odd decision. Give us a sideways option in Android Jelly Bean, with a locking toggle so we can go sideways for life.

3. Give us a File Manager

It’s a bit of a nerdy thing to demand a simple file manager, but it’s something we all need every once in a while, to find something randomly placed on the SD card. Several of the hardware makers put on their own custom managers, and there are third-party apps on the Android Market, but it shouldn’t be something we have to track down or look for.

4. Update the text input options

We understand that Google perhaps doesn’t want to step on the toes of the third-party keyboard developers like SwiftKey and Swype, but surely the standard Android keyboard could be updated just a little? The Android 4.0 keyboard doesn’t even include long-pressing to access alternate characters and numbers, which is a simple, obvious, time saving solution that numerous other keyboard apps manage.
Android jelly bean keyboard
BETTER KEYBOARD: Come on. Alternate characters are easy and make typing less of a pain. Let’s have them

5. A clear upgrade path

Google has already tried to act on clearing up the OS upgrade mess, stating back in May that it wanted most key future devices to be guaranteed the “latest platform updates” if the hardware was capable. But that’s already been made a mockery by Android 4.0, with the likes of HTC saying it’s “reviewing” Android 4.0 to see if it fancies the task of rolling it out. That shouldn’t happen. Everyone should get it. On the same day. It’s embarrassing for Android when iOS updates launch globally at the same minute of the day.

6. Android Jelly Bean Lite

We’re all for the rapid power surge Android has seen. There’s nothing better than an OS that works like a charm on a dual-core, £500 superphone. But what about the cheaper models with limited CPUs and memory?
A simpler, toned down version of Android Jelly Bean designed to run well on less powerful hardware would be great. Sort of like Windows XP on a netbook. Most of the features, but light enough so that even £80 emergency spare Android phones are fit for purpose.

7. User interface on/off toggles

It’s good that HTC, Sony Ericsson and most of the other big Android makers add their own customisations to Android, helping phones stand out from each other and giving buyers a bit of extra choice. But it’s also good to experience the core Android interface as well.
At the moment, we have to choose, with only a tiny handful of smaller phone makers letting us deactivate their user interfaces and revert to standard Android. We’d like that to become a mandatory feature, so we can all play with the basic Android that sits beneath HTC Sense and the rest of the interfaces. Android 4.0 is beautiful. Let’s see it.

8. Focus on power efficiency and management

We’re all totally over using task killers, but it would be good to see some official recognition of the immense power-drain we suffer that has us nursing phones to make them last an entire day. A simple set of power options at boot up, or in the menu, would help.
Being able to manually select a slower, clunkier, low-power mode for keeping essential calling features alive for longer would be useful. We’d sacrifice web browser scrolling speed for an extra 20 minutes of texting time.
Some of the handset makers already do this – HTC packs in quite a few power management tools as part of its Sense UI – but there’s not much support in Google’s own interface. A bit more control than just dimming the brightness and praying would be nice.

9. A lighter theme option

Android 4.0 is pretty and everything, but isn’t white text on a black background all a bit “Geocities” in this day and age? When blown up to tablet resolution, it may just look a little bit empty and dark. Sure, we can add in pretty background images, but it’s not the same.
Android jelly bean themes
LIGHTEN UP: Available in colours other than black next time, please

10. Lock screen widgets

It’s lovely what Google has done to the Android 4.0 lock screen (taking ideas from Samsung and HTC…) but it could do so much more. It’d be a massive security risk to have every widget available on the lock screen, but then again, Android is supposed to be about choice.
If we want our missed calls widget on perma-display, it’s our fault if the data’s stolen. The popularity of the many third-party lock screen apps surely indicates there’s a demand to see this in Android Jelly Bean?
Android jelly bean lock screen
IMPROVABLE: Nice lock screen. But could do better. B-


New Facebook Emoticons

Looks like our favorite coder Mark Zuckerburg wasn’t apparently happy with the old smilies.
Then this became a good news for us because we have got a bunch of new smilies this time. Well I will be sharing this smilies with you. This will work in messages as well as in chats. You can try them yourself.

This is the List of the Smilies –

[[221920784510906]] = True Story
[[305710872791586]] = impossible
[[168040846586189]] = sir
[[169919399735055]] = not bad
[[142670085793927]] = mother of god
[[170815706323196]] = cereal guy
[[192644604154319]] = Derpina
[[224812970902314]] = Derp
[[foreveralonecomics]] = forevaralone
[[MegustaMeMe]] = me gusta christmas
[[149333368464171]] = Yao
[[218595638164996]] = Yao2
[[145768898802324]] = FFFFUUUU
[[189637151067601]] Lol
[[168456309878025]] = Lol2
[[FapFapFapFap.B]] = Fap
[[106043532814443]] = Y U NO.
[[214457085240151]] = nothing to do here
[[160723207280093]] = are you fucking kidding me?
[[219611504753863]] = X ALL THE Y
[[309795212383816]] = watch out, we’ve got a badass over here
[[171108522930776]] Troll face
[[164413893600463]] Me gusta
[[189637151067601]] Lol
[[129627277060203]] Poker face
[[227644903931785]] Forever alone
[[100002752520227]] Okay guy
[[105387672833401]] Fuck yeah
[[100002727365206]] Challenge accepted
[[224813970902314]] box

[[zuck]] or [[4]]. = zuckerberg
[[firefox]] or [[14696440021]] = firefox logo
[[googlechrome]] or [[321662419491]] = google chrome logo
[facebook] or [[20531316728]] = facebook logo
[[ladygaga]] or [[10376464573]] = lady gaga
[[justinbieber]] or [[67253243887]] = justin beiber
[[eminem]] or [[45309870078]] = eminem
[[official.roy]] or [[100002310405415]] = official roy

[[312080468826419]] = Chat Meme Codes Smiley
[[148578318584679]] = it’s okay (sweet, crying)
[[183671768326457]] = philosoraptor
[[turbolego]] = mini-me

[[107015582669715]] = A
[[116067591741123]] = B
[[115602405121532]] = C
[[112542438763744]] = D
[[115430438474268]] = E
[[109225112442557]] = F
[[111532845537326]] = G
[[111356865552629]] = H
[[109294689102123]] = I
[[115636698451811]] = J
[[116651741681944]] = K
[[115807951764667]] = L
[[106596672714242]] = M
[[108634132504932]] = N
[[116564658357124]] = O
[[111669128857397]] = P
[[107061805996548]] = Q
[[106699962703083]] = R
[[115927268419031]] = S
[[112669162092780]] = T
[[108983579135532]] = U
[[107023745999320]] = V
[[106678406038354]] = W
[[116740548336581]] = X
[[112416755444217]] = Y

[[106596672714242]] [[115430438474268]]
[[111532845537326]] [[108983579135532]] [[115927268419031]] [[112669162092780]][[107015582669715]] = ME GUSTA

Dislike Icon – [[139407806171115]]
Like Icon – [[333181686710881]]
Inverted Like Icon – [[180601488705317]]

My CAt- paste this on your chatbox
[[265434590178748]] [[164991926934921]] [[209695692449988]] [[250490361685507]][[278968458819422]] [[349625665051383]] [[205760419511603]]
[[312189672135533]] [[299788346731384]] [[268532783202434]] [[266669970059695]][[204170799672068]] [[187204144709527]] [[331078983588306]]
[[149240955184679]] [[206407216112871]] [[240669959335314]] [[180619528702085]][[347768705240557]] [[186661331430535]] [[218646048216424]]
[[344875905539434]] [[328111047214223]] [[323186421038846]] [[157802940990663]][[159535350818164]] [[296581710385765]] [[271261609598535]]

yao ming
[[179756028790264]] [[131478976968398]] [[314076808615174]] [[206240339463055]][[159403400834378]]
[[200992799990165]] [[196243973803636]] [[270956806292431]] [[346811212001437]][[328107453874590]]
[[196721100420672]] [[317586898261340]] [[298140226892101]] [[214914048591653]][[350101681673756]]
[[123765061073750]] [[245710415498757]] [[243298355738272]] [[138812572897166]][[149419131833071]]
[[158310927607841]] [[310752072297702]] [[316528255036793]] [[335475163146590]][[221503331260136]]
[[241781875890038]] [[218268384920510]] [[189509191144351]] [[302618756443499]][[182961465135557]]
[[206151719471944]] [[223223751088260]] [[158685720904140]] [[249080145157161]][[310957895604838]]

Poker face
[[179756028790264]] [[131478976968398]] [[314076808615174]] [[206240339463055]][[159403400834378]]
[[200992799990165]] [[196243973803636]] [[270956806292431]] [[346811212001437]][[328107453874590]]
[[196721100420672]] [[317586898261340]] [[298140226892101]] [[214914048591653]][[350101681673756]]
[[123765061073750]] [[245710415498757]] [[243298355738272]] [[138812572897166]][[149419131833071]]
[[158310927607841]] [[310752072297702]] [[316528255036793]] [[335475163146590]][[221503331260136]]
[[241781875890038]] [[218268384920510]] [[189509191144351]] [[302618756443499]][[182961465135557]]
[[206151719471944]] [[223223751088260]] [[158685720904140]] [[249080145157161]][[310957895604838]]

[[331399223556184]] [[286042634779174]] [[330023780360758]] [[329237617088409]][[204120926342364]] [[131297490319188]] [[289987304385341]]
[[295847560451136]] [[278880668827213]] [[260560750675461]] [[264494386943951]][[208640915887167]] [[270643856326606]] [[334868623190983]] [[263173770411836]]
[[265844723474789]] [[325742447454304]] [[207587629327321]] [[294223273948603]][[323449457679402]] [[258622847533513]] [[242014162533924]] [[158386917602797]]
[[306019522772134]] [[267712979948966]] [[301751889864065]] [[213122875437139]][[164020277032670]] [[158735217564918]] [[261124587284685]] [[301991303173149]]
[[114261558693806]] [[113889888730617]] [[316407155046042]] [[316473595041291]][[346326392049037]] [[284570571589911]] [[298670736837009]] [[186000198162731]]
[[219939044752270]] [[336155773063546]] [[131032267012645]] [[155856061183812]][[208532722565686]] [[268249169896142]] [[204863289602546]] [[242397452496887]]
[[199766206779497]] [[157903644315266]] [[212393248843131]]


How to Choose a Good Secured Password

As  we all know that a Good password is  better for Security.For a good password better we use a Unique name or use any text ,but the password must contain Upper Case,Lower Case both letters.
Its better we use numerical symbols as well as some special Symbols too..

Too choose the best password

Go to—>http://makemeapassword.net/ OR CLICK HERE

It generates a secured password.If you like you can use Special symbols and numericals too…

Learn how to get free skype credit

1)      Download  hotspot shield vpn and connect it.


2)      After connect this vpn open below link

3)      And  process click on free voucher code. That give  voucher code .
4)      Complete this step  login skype account . put that voucher code. And credit add in you account. I give proof I have receive that credit.

Note:  Must connect with hotspot shield vpn. Otherwise this trick is not working.

siri on android

want siri on your android phone.its coming officially .Google is working on siri like application for android users. and it is called the Majel.
majel will be voice based  responding software for android phones.it will be launched  in mid march.
It will be almost like siri with no pharaphase formation and understanding and quick responding fearture!

Google Schemer free invite

Google SchemerSchemer
yes we are giving 15 free google schemer invites which not available any where
if you want to try it try it here..check it will say that it is not available
http://www.schemer.com is a new local social network by google integarted with googleplus and youcan only join it with a invite the similar way was for google plus.
this website is very easy to use and very brilliant and smooth and loads fast
If you want a invite comment below and please click on infolink ads .or email me ur email neelrcks@gmail.com
here are some screenshot from my schemer account have a look at them…